Exploring Color

It has become so easy to get lost in choosing colors across all facets of our daily lives — whether we’re picking out paint colors for a remodel, looking at fabric swatches for curtains, editing phone pix or designing a new logo for a start-up business. We’re now able to generate color palettes so easily from everyday scenes via our phone apps — a beautiful sunrise, a puppy running through a field and even the subtle nuances of a close-up shot of a piece of wood.

Coolors.co is a great palette tool that I use for design projects when I really need to explore a multitude of color combinations. New palettes are easily generated by clicking on the space bar and you can build you’re own by ‘holding’ the colors you want and continuing to generate new colors with the spacebar. Formulas are provided across the board: HSB, RGB and CMYK as well as HEX.  So check it out and have some fun coming up with unique combinations for your next project!


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